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Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker CZ-WS15

CIGAM multi-room wireless speakers offer high quality sound with superb clarity. You can now enjoy higher resolution audio quality from CIGAM wireless Wi-Fi speakers. Play your music in one room or multiple rooms with Qualcomm's All play App, stream music using All play internet radio from a smartphone, tablet or PC and use DLNA to connect to music sources which are connected on your DLNA enabled network.

The benefit of the CIGAM Wi-Fi CIGAM wireless speakers music systems is that you don't need a "bridge" Wi-Fi device. Our Wi-Fi speakers connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled by anyone's smartphone or tablet, using the app (iOS and Android), you can send music from streaming services, your own playlist or Internet radio to one or many speakers, whether it's CIGAM branded or other Qualcomm All play brands.

Enjoy your favorite music in the most diverse and fun way, CIGAM Wi-Fi speakers give you superb HiFi quality sound from whenever you want.

Share it with others in your home or office or create different ambience from any of your mobile devices.

Getting setup is simple, download the Qualcomm All Play Jukebox in your mobile device available for both Android and iOS.

Plug in the power cord from the loudspeakers to the mains and look for the CIGAM signal on the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device. Select and automatically the login page will be displayed to allow you to assign a name to better define the location of the speaker and also to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Remember, to ensure correct function, the loudspeaker and the mobile device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If by any chance the device doesn’t detect the Wi-Fi signal, you can automatically connect by pressing the WPS button located on your router and the set button on the back of your loudspeaker.

Once connected, open the APP and choose a loudspeaker and immediately enjoy the world of music from your music library using services compatible apps favorite radio stations from all play internet radio and others.

And if you wish, connect other devices using the audio input... expanding your system using more speakers is easy...follow the same procedure. Add them to your device and merge them all from the same net using the APP and share your music in several rooms.

Create different ambience, control different areas and adjust the volume of all the speakers at the same time or independently.

With CIGAM speaker CG-30w leave an unforgettable audio experience, enjoy an amazing way to listen to music and share it where ever and with whomever you wish.

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